Do Millennials Need Life Insurance?

Given the long list of financial worries facing twenty-somethings, you’d think life insurance would be at the bottom of the list. But some experts think it’s a foundational piece of your financial plan. “Life insurance is typically the last thing millennials focus on. They are much more concerned about budgeting and paying off debts,” says […]

What business insurance do you need?

Insurance brokers see it all the time. A small business is hit with a lawsuit alleging negligence or a faulty product. The entrepreneur ends up losing a fortune or even goes bankrupt. “I have dozens of examples,” says Patrick Bouchard, a Quebec City insurance broker and acting chair of the Quebec Insurance Brokers Association. “Entrepreneurs […]

Insuring Against the Risk From Insurance

Compared with the banks, insurance companies withstood the calamity of 2008 pretty well. American International Group Inc. was the main exception — it needed an enormous bailout — but the rest of the industry was spared the worst. Does this mean that insurance companies pose no great challenge for financial regulators? It doesn’t. The insurance business is […]